ON-Lion Letter
Bradley Prize recipient John R. Bolton appeared on Sirius XM Radio's Breitbart News Daily in March to discuss the Brussels bombings and their aftermath, which includes an evident loss of faith by Europeans in the ability of their governments to protect them from terrorism.

"Brussels really outlines, sadly and very dramatically, some of the problems Europe has, and which are emerging in this country too," Bolton said.  "Number one, the Belgian authorities are obviously completely overwhelmed by the threat of this kind of terrorism.  It's just beyond their capacity.  And what that says is, you're gonna see more of it, because they’re not able or willing to deal with it."

A former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Bolton is now a senior fellow of the American Enterprise Institute, which is substantially supported by Milwaukee's Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation.

"[T]oo many people in Europe simply do not see this as a threat," which is also an attitude of President Barack Obama's, he added.  

Obama is fighting a "quasi-war" against ISIS.  "For most Americans today, looking at ISIS, the emphasis would be on the word 'war.'  But for Barack Obama, the emphasis is on the word 'quasi,'" according to Bolton.  "And he demonstrated that again, going to a baseball game in Havana while Americans are being wounded and at risk in Brussels."

The full interview can be heard online.

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