ON-Lion Letter

The new book Unlocking Potential:  Literacy Services of Wisconsin Celebrates 50 Years, 1965-2015 brings together the stories of adults who sought and found a second chance to attain basic education, and the volunteer tutors who worked with them one-on-one to reach for their goals.  Through these personal stories, our often-unseen literacy crisis is revealed.

During Literacy Services of Wisconsin's (LSW's) 50-year history, more than 30,000 adults have made this journey in partnership with their tutors.  The simple idea of "Each One, Teach One" has proven to be a profound solution to the complex problem of adult illiteracy.

Unlocking Potential tells how Literacy Services was sparked by this idea and how it has empowered adults to triumph over their challenges for 50 years.  Read the story of how the literacy movement spread around the globe and how it took hold in Milwaukee.  This grassroots, community-built effort is a case study in American ingenuity and the power of the human spirit.

Milwaukee's Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation supports LSW.

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