ON-Lion Letter

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) in Plainfield, Ind., applauded a February decision of the U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia to allow states to continue to verify citizenship on voter-registration forms.  The court today denied the request of an array of liberal groups to prevent three states from using citizenship verification instructions in the federally-mandated Motor Voter registration forms.   PILF was allowed to intervene to help defend the states after the U.S. Department of Justice refused to defend the actions of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) after it permitted states to verify citizenship.


"Americans believe overwhelmingly that only citizens should be voting in American elections.  Allowing states to continue to ensure that Americans are voting and illegal aliens are not is the right thing to do," PILF president and general counsel J. Christian Adams said.  "The Constitution gives states the power to establish qualifications for voters and to enforce those rules.  Denying states the effective power to verify citizenship concentrates power in Washington D.C. bureaucrats."


PILF was granted the right to intervene as defendant in a lawsuit against EAC regarding its acceptance of requests by Alabama, Georgia, and Kansas to modify their state-specific instructions on the National Mail Voter Registration Form to include state citizenship proof requirements. 


The lawsuit -- brought by the League of Women Voters, among other interest groups --seeks to enjoin a January EAC decision to update the federal form to include the states’ proof-of-citizenship requirements.  The plaintiffs sought a preliminary injunction against EAC's actions and the judge said in a hearing that would "never happen" because of DOJ's refusal to defend EAC.


Not only is DOJ unable to provide an adequate defense, it largely agrees with the plaintiff organizations efforts to block citizenship verification.  DOJ has repeatedly sought to block efforts to verify that only citizens are voting and it has refused to prosecute numerous aliens caught voting in federal elections since 2009.


"The Obama Justice Department has shown a clear hostility towards ensuring voter integrity," according to Adams.  "Non-citizens have participated in American elections and instead of seeking to prevent it. Verifying citizenship is the first step to stopping aliens from influencing who is in power."

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports PILF.


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