ON-Lion Letter

"Embedded into the mission and history of the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the search for truth through academics," begins a letter from the editors at the beginning of the first issue of Sifting & Winnowing.  The undergraduate journal was founded "on the principle that in-depth research, discussion and argumentation are key to this search for truth.

"In our first issue, we hope that this is made evident," continue co-editors-in-chief Kelsey Beuning and Jacob Schwid, as "phenomenal student researchers and authors express their individual searches for answers and understanding.  It is our belief that by publishing student works which exemplify this ideal, we can foster an environment of elevated discussion on campus while also giving student authors recognition for their exceptional work."

The journal features articles about the hidden history of genocide in Libya, "high modernist" war American intervention in Vietnam, and the success of Ugandan non-governmental and community-based organizations in the face of formidable challenges, among other things.

"It is our hope that Sifting and Winnowing can become an outlet for students who have crafted excellent writing, powerful arguments and comprehensive research," according to Beuning and Schwid.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee supports Sifting and Winnowing, through a grant to the university's Center for the Study of Liberal Democracy.

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