ON-Lion Letter

Last year, Center of the American Experiment (CAE) in Golden Valley, Minn., held five roundtable discussions involving 19 Minnesotans, lay and clergy on preserving and strengthening marriage and the family.  A January CAE report by Mitchell B. Pearlstein summarizes the discussions.

"Even if shortages of religion and faith can't be said to be dominant causes of familial problems, that doesn't mean their strengths can't be better called on to lessen those problems," according to Pearlstein in Can America's Religious Traditions Strengthen Marriage?

Pearlstein is the founder of and now a senior fellow at CAE, the work on marriage and the family of which is supported by Milwaukee's Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation.

"Calling on our religious leaders and traditions to help strengthen marriage and reduce nonmarital births is essential, and we can do so while fully respecting the First Amendment and American variety," he concludes.  "Not taking advantage of our faith-based resources is akin to doing battle against pain and loss with a muscular arm tied needlessly behind our backs."

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