ON-Lion Letter

"[D]espite all that has been accomplished in just five years," according to a January contribution by Brett Healy's to Right Wisconsin's currently ongoing series on "The State of Wisconsin Conservatism," "there is more work to be done to give Wisconsinites greater freedom from their government and to bring prosperity to every corner of our great state.  Much more."

Healy is president of the MacIver Institute in Madison, Wis.  The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports MacIver.

His list:

  "True education accountability for the entire state and real reform for habitual failing schools;"

  "Transparency and taxpayer sunshine for every unit of government in Wisconsin;"

  get rid of the minimum markup law;

  "Dramatically reduce the size and scope of state government;"

  "Zero-based budgeting;"

  "Spending controls;" and, ...

  "Continued tax reform."

"If conservatives stick to their principles and propose big, bold reforms to fundamentally change everything about state government," Healy writes, "they will put Wisconsin on a path that leads to greater prosperity for all Wisconsinites -- and our children and our grandchildren would forever be in their debt.

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