ON-Lion Letter

The December 2015 issue of Foundation Watch, from the Capital Research Center (CRC) in Washington, D.C., warns readers about "a dangerous effort to discourage Americans from thinking freely and arriving at their own conclusions about Islam.  The made-up word 'Islamophobia' is wielded as a cudgel against those who dislike the Muslim religion and those who are merely skeptical of it.

"The idea is to eventually make it as difficult and uncomfortable as possible to criticize the faith founded by Muhammad in the seventh century after the birth of Christ," Foundation Watch editor Matthew Vadum writes in "Lifting the Veil on the 'Islamophobia' Hoax."  "And a lot of well-heeled funders are part of a long-term campaign aimed at mainstreaming the tenets of Islam in American society."

These funders include The Joyce Foundation, George Soros' Open Society Foundations, and the Tides Foundation, among others.

Milwaukee's Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation substantially supports CRC.

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