ON-Lion Letter

In December, the MacIver Institute in Madison, Wis., released its Top 10 MacIver Stories of 2015.  They are stories that MacIver says it "put a particularly bright light on that will have a long-term impact on" Wisconsin.

And there are 11, because "there are just too many."  In reverse order, they are:

11.     letting the public know it's been bamboozled by "[p]redictions of doom, gloom, pain and suffering ... since conservative began reforming state government five years ago;"

10.     Gov. Scott Walker's short-lived presidential campaign;

9.     the UW System surviving and thriving amid a tuition freeze and budget cuts;

8.     "success stories of real Wisconsinites who started out working a minimum wage job and, through hard work and perseverance, now own and operate their own businesses;"

7.     the rogue U.S. Environmental Protection Agency tightening its vice on Wisconsin's economy and our way of life;

6.     the continuing failure of Obamacare;

5.     the state legislature's Joint Finance Committee approval of a budget containing provisions severely weakening Wisconsin's open records laws;

4.     the ongoing property-tax freeze keeping "tax and spenders out in the cold;"

3.     entitlement reform putting the dignity of work front and center;

2.     the progress of prevailing-wage reform; and,

1.     the right to work without being forced into a union.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports MacIver.

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