ON-Lion Letter

"In the 27 years that I have served" as chief executive officer of Partners Advancing Values in Education (PAVE) in Milwaukee, according to "A Note of Gratitude" that Dan McKinley posted on PAVE's website in December, "I have witnessed incredible and positive changes in our Partner Schools. 

"I am happy to say that PAVE too has evolved in significant ways as we have helped schools meet critical challenges -- from a provider of over $27 million in scholarships, to a capital investment partner with over $100 million in successful school expansion projects, to the seminal work we are engaged in today to build the voluntary boards that are the foundation of organizational excellence," he continues.  "I am even happier to say that PAVE has a strong team in place to continue this important work.

"As I transition from my role at PAVE on December 31, 2015," McKinley writes, "PAVE's team is prepared and will be well supported by the interim leadership of PAVE Program Director Joan Feiereisen.  PAVE's Board of Directors, led by Chairman Cory Nettles, is committed to finding just the right CEO for the next stage of PAVE's journey, and they are engaged in a national search for PAVE's new leader." 

"I am full of gratitude for all the kindred spirits I have met in carrying out PAVE's Mission."

Earlier this year, many of those kindred spirits paid tribute to McKinley in this PAVE video -- including one from a representative of Milwaukee's Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, which substantially supports PAVE.

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