ON-Lion Letter

"Conservatives should boldly embrace tax reform for this century," concludes the newest policy-briefing book in the Room to Grow series from the Conservative Reform Network and the Conservative Reform Policy Center (CRPC).  "Such reform would be a mixture of high priority pro-growth changes and tax relief for working families with children."

Tax Reform for Our Century was researched and written by Ryan Ellis of Americans for Tax ReformThe Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports the Room to Grow series and the Americans for Tax Reform Foundation.

Tax reform, according to Ellis, "should not be an excuse to raise the overall tax burden.  It should be paid for as much as possible by taking away tax benefits from high earners and large, multi-national corporations (both because they can afford to pay a price for a better tax code and because that method of financing reform is the most politically viable).  It should be geared to enabling higher economic growth, and its champions should insist that a 'growth dividend' in tax revenues should be properly accounted for by Congressional scorekeepers.

"Conservatives are for getting rid of bad tax policy in the code in the form of politically-driven exclusions, deductions, and credits," he continues.  "We are for a tax system that rewards hard work and brings relief to working families.  We are for a simple, transparent, and easy-to-conceptualize system.  We're for shielding the most vulnerable among us from a bad tax system so that civil society and families can flourish.

"The key is to balance the pro-growth tax reforms we know will work best with pro-family tax reforms that help parents," Ellis continues.  "Businesses should be able to compete better with our tax system, not be impeded by it.  Families should not be unfairly burdened.  Capital, which is after all the seed-corn of wages and higher standards of living for families, should not be double and triple taxed."

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