ON-Lion Letter

"Recent tragic events have highlighted the importance of a robust military and especially of leadership -- but also of the moral bankruptcy of moral relativism," Rupert Murdoch told a Hudson Institute dinner in New York in late November.

Murdoch is executive chairman of News Corp. and 21st Century Fox.  Hudson honored him with its Global Leadership Award.  The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports Hudson.

"In his great book World Order, Henry Kissinger writes:  'America must retain its sense of direction,'" Murdoch said.

"For America to have a sense of direction, two conditions are essential," he continued.  "First, a U.S. leader must understand, be proud of, and assert the American personality; an identity crisis isn't a starting point for any journey.  Second, there must be clear goals informed by values and by a realization of the extraordinary potential of its people.

"We are all often struck by the exceptional qualities of America and by the exceptional and selfless influence America has exercised on the world," Murdoch said.

"America's contributions to life itself are many and meaningful, from the mass production of antibiotics, to the banishing of polio, the treatment of HIV and the wonder of gene therapy and all that means for every disease," he concluded.

"We shouldn't apologize for America; we should celebrate America.  For the world as it might have been without America is a much, much lesser world."

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