ON-Lion Letter

President Barack Obama "entered the Oval Office in 2009 with great hope and promise.  Education reform, in particular, seemed set to benefit," begins an article by Frederick M. Hess in the Fall 2015 National Affairs.  "Candidate Obama had made a point of using education to illustrate that he was championing 'investment' rather than mere government 'spending' and was eager to find bipartisan solutions."

Hess is a resident scholar and directs education-policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in Washington, D.C.  The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee supports both his work at AEI and National Affairs.

"Despite the soaring rhetoric and heady promises, however, education reform during Obama's tenure has disappointed in practice," according to Hess in "The Real Obama Education Legacy."

"Obama's presidency has proven deeply divisive in nearly every area of policy, from health care to government spending to the environment.  And those who have been disconcerted by the Obama administration's faults in other areas -- its abuse of executive discretion, its dramatic expansion of the federal government, and its exacerbation of identity politics and the culture wars -- will find that education has not been spared," he writes.  "Despite all the promises of a 'post-partisan’ presidency, Obama has pursued a polarizing, bureaucratized, and Washington-centric education agenda while exploiting and then draining a substantial reservoir of bipartisan goodwill."

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