ON-Lion Letter

Most young people today graduate from high school and even college with no background in economics at all.  But in order to build successful lives and to participate meaningfully in our democracy, they urgently require such knowledge.  A new series from the Moving Picture Institute (MPI) and Passing Lane Films, Fi$h:  How an Economy Grows, will introduce young adults to the components of a prosperous economy.

Using a parable about three men stranded on a desert island with nothing but their bare hands for catching fish, Fi$h will show audiences important economic concepts in 10 short videos.  For example, viewers will see how innovation and risk can lead to surplus, which in turn creates currency.  One of the three men skips a fishing day (and all his meals) to make a net.  That net allows him to catch more fish in less time -- which gives him choices about how else he might like to spend his time, and whether he might like to lend his net, at interest, to the other men.

Adapted from Peter and Andrew Schiff's bestselling book, How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes, the series also provides educators with teacher-designed lesson plans that meet state standards.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee supports MPI.

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