ON-Lion Letter

An ongoing study in Hawai'i using an experimental design has found that 24/7 Dad® program of the National Fatherhood Initiative in Germantown, Md., develops pro-fathering knowledge and attitudes and the five characteristics of the 24/7 Dad.  According to the he study, the program also improves behaviors expected of today's contemporary fathers, the quality of father-child relationships, and fathers' co-parenting, thus improving fathers' relationships with the mothers of their children.

A research team at the Center on the Family at the University of Hawai'i led by Prof. Selva Lewin-Bizan evaluated the 24/7 Dad program by randomly assigning fathers to treatment and control groups.  Fathers in the treatment group participated in 24/7 Dad, while fathers in the control group did not.  Random assignment is considered the "gold standard" of research design because it reduces selection bias, thus the likelihood that outcomes are due to chance rather than the intervention.

"Preliminary results show statistically significant changes in fathering practices for participants who received treatment," Lewin-Bizan writes.  "These results clearly begin to establish an evidence base for the 24/7 Dad program."

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee supports NFI.

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