ON-Lion Letter

A May study by the Education Policy Initiative at Carolina (EPIC) examining the connection between the National Council on Teacher Quality's (NCTQ) Teacher Prep Review standards and actual teacher performance finds that graduates of teacher prep programs with higher NCTQ ratings are more effective on average than graduates of programs with lower ratings, no matter if the measure of effectiveness is student test scores or teacher evaluations.

The study, conducted independently of NCTQ and paid for by University of North Carolina System's Teacher Quality Research Initiative, focuses on the relationship between NCTQ's program ratings and the performance of program graduates in North Carolina classrooms.  The authors, Gary Henry of Vanderbilt University and Kevin Bastion of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, affirmed the integrity of NCTQ's standards, stating that "NCTQ standards are grounded in available research and completely transparent."

"NCTQ is heartened by the report’s finding that graduates of teacher prep programs with higher Teacher Prep Review ratings are more effective,” said NCTQ president Kate Walsh. 

"However, that doesn't mean we are any less committed to a continuous process of examination and revision -- not only of our standards but also of how they are weighted," Walsh continued.  "From the start of this work in 2004, our number one priority has been to achieve a rating system that the public can trust.  We welcome more research like this -- and we invite teacher preparation programs to assist us in getting the facts and judgments right."

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports NCTQ's Teacher Prep Review.

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