ON-Lion Letter

In mid-April, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) in Washington, D.C., held its annual Washington Forum, "Wars of the Islamic World:  America as Actor or Spectator?"

The Washington Forum brings together foreign-policy and national-security professionals, diplomats, and policymakers to provide insightful analysis and fresh perspectives on the most-complex issues facing America. 

Speakers at this year's forum addressed several questions:  Is the tide of war in the Middle East receding or rising?  Will the U.S. prevent Iran's nuclear and regional breakout?  Are the nation-states of the region collapsing?  Can the media cover extremist actors without fear or favor?  What are the chances for stability, inclusivity, and tolerance in an Islamic world engulfed in unprecedented turmoil?

Videos, transcripts, and summaries of the event's panels and presentations are available online.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee supported the forum.

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