ON-Lion Letter

The employer mandate contained in the Affordable Care Act is a "disaster" for Americans and must be repealed, according to health-care policy expert Sally Pipes.

"Staples just announced … their part-time employees would be reduced to 25 hours a week because under Obamacare the work week is 30 hours -- because of the cost of Obamacare," Pipes said on theSteve Malzberg Show on Newsmax TV.  "Companies cannot pay these exorbitant wages to people under the employer mandate or be faced with fines, so therefore they're reducing their part-time labor force.  Who does that hurt?

"It hurts the very people who are working in part-time jobs trying to build their reputation in the labor market and make a living for themselves and their families."

The mandate, which went into effect last month, requires most American businesses -- those with at least 50 full-time employees -- to offer government-approved health insurance to their workers.  Those that don't must pay new federal taxes.

Pipes is president of the Pacific Research Institute (PRI) in San Francisco.  The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee supports PRI.

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