ON-Lion Letter

This Summer, the Fraser Institute in Vancouver will again hold graduate seminar-style "Economics for Opinion Leaders" (EFOL) training programs seeking to enhance their Canadian participants' economic knowledge and, for journalists, their reporting skills.  Fraser will hold one program in Vancouver in June and another in Toronto in July.

Through engaging EFOL lectures, interactive simulations, and discussions, Mark Schug and Scott Neiderjohn demonstrate how economics can be used to better understand the world around us, and provide real, relevant examples.  The programs provide introduction to the economic way of thinking -- stressing supply and demand, choices, costs, incentives, and gains from trade.

Schug is a professor emeritus of education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Neiderjohn is an economics professor at Lakeland College in Sheboygan, Wis.  They first created EFOL in Wisconsin with substantial support from Milwaukee's Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation

The Fraser Institute is an associate member of the State Policy Network, which is also supported by Bradley.  The Fraser EFOL program was recently harshly critiqued by a progressive Canadian website.

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