ON-Lion Letter

Bradley Prize recipient Sir Martin Gilbert, Winston Churchill's official biographer, died in February.  He was 79.

Gilbert wrote 88 books, including many with themes related to the World War II, but he is best known for his work on Churchill -- including Churchill:  A Life; Churchill:  The Power of Words; Continue to Pester, Nag, and Bite:  Churchill's War Leadership.

Other Gilbert titles include Israel:  A History and the three-volume History of the 20th Century.  He also wrote eight books on the Holocaust.

Gilbert served as adviser to British Prime Minister John Major, as well.

"Gilbert utterly rebelled against the view that the facts of history change with time," according to a Wall Street Journal op-ed about him by Hillsdale College president Larry Arnn.  In this way, Gilbert "agreed with the classics.  He wrote the biography faithfully, from primary-source materials and with the greatest care to tell the story as it happened.  Gilbert’s stewardship is significant, as Churchill is a man of our time and one of its greatest blessings.

Gilbert "sought to give life and breath to history," Arnn writes.  In 1997, Gilbert "said in an interview with C-Span that he wanted to be remembered 'as someone who brought ordinary people, or people, into the equation, not merely governments and powers and themes, but human beings with flesh and blood and names and ages.'"

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