ON-Lion Letter

A new Encounter Broadside, Open Immigration:  Yea & Nay, features two sides to one of the great issues of our day.  The pro-open immigration piece is written by Cato Institute immigration-policy analyst Alex Nowrasteh, and the anti-open immigration piece is written by Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) executive director Mark Krikorian.

According to Nowrasteh, extensive immigration restrictions are an attempt by the U.S. government to centrally manage the demographics, labor market, and culture of the United States, instead of letting those facets of our society develop naturally -- as they have throughout most of history.  Many objections have been raised against a return to America’s traditional free-immigration policy, but they are without merit and ignore immigration’s tremendous benefits.

According to Krikorian, immigration has always been an important part of America’s story.  Over the past century, however, the U.S. has seen drastic changes -- in government spending, the economy, technology, security, and assimilation -– and the needs of the nation have changed.  Mass immigration is no longer compatible with those needs.

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