ON-Lion Letter

Is "campaign-finance reform" a good way to regulate money in politics?  In an October Prager University course, Bradley Prize recipient, Pulitzer Prize columnist, and bestselling author George Will shows that -- despite the innocent name given by its proponents -- campaign-finance reform is really a euphemism for controlling free speech.  If the goal is to get money out of politics, according to Will, the real solution is to get politics out of money.  In other words, shrink government. 

"The only constitutional way to reduce the amount of money invested in politics is to reduce the role of politics in the distribution of money," Will says in the five-minute video lesson.  "If government were not so big, if it were not so busy allocating wealth and opportunity to the politically well-connected, then politics would be less important in our lives, and less money would be spent on it.

"So the next time someone says we should make government even bigger by giving it the power to regulate speech," he concludes, "tell that person that what we really need is more speech advocating less government."

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee supports Prager University.

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