ON-Lion Letter

Battle-scarred political warrior David Horowitz says it’s time for conservatives to take the gloves off -- and take our country back.  America is at a crucial turning point in her history, according to Horowitz, and conservatives have been losing ground for too long.  In his new book Take No Prisoners:  The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left, he sounds a clarion call for conservatives to use liberals’ political playbook against them in the fight for America's future.

Horowitz is the founder and chief executive officer of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, which is substantially supported by The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee.

No longer can the GOP afford to let liberals brazenly claim the moral high ground while their agenda bankrupts hardworking Americans, Horowitz writes.  No longer can the Right respond to the Left's emotional attacks with appeals to reason.  Year after year, liberals have won voters' hearts and minds by selling a fantasy of moral righteousness.  Conservatives need to learn from liberals' successes in order to turn the tide, he argues, and they need to do it now.

From his days as a founder of the radical New Left movement in the 1960s to his storied career as a leading conservative activist, Horowitz has a lifetime of experience in battleground politics.  Now he lays out a winning strategy for the Right that can save the country from sliding into economic and social ruin.  If conservatives want a better future for America, they need to be able to beat liberals at their own game -- and in Take No Prisoners, Horowitz is teaching them how.

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