ON-Lion Letter

For too long, progressives in Washington, D.C., have put forth a picture of America in which government is the solution to every problem. Where a nanny state dictates our children's lunches, provides one-size-fits all health care, controls our education, and even determines what kinds of light bulbs we use.  We've not only lost sight of what a healthy society looks like, but also forgotten that government is not the only -- or even the best -- solution to society's ills. 

Lean Together:  An Agenda for Smarter Government, Stronger Communities, And More Opportunity for Women, forthcoming from the Independent Women's Forum (IWF) in Washington, includes 12 chapters, all written by female authors.  It presents a better, positive vision for America:  smaller government, stronger communities, a vibrant economy, and more opportunity for women and men alike.  It presents a vision of America in which republican ideals of limited government, virtue, and self-improvement are re-imagined and it offers concrete policy prescriptions that will rein in the progressive state, streamline government, and strengthen our economy.

In September, IWF will host two book-release parties, one in Washington and another in New York City, during which attendees can meet and speak with Lean Together's contributors.

Milwaukee's Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation supports IWF.

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