ON-Lion Letter

Founded by William F. Buckley, Jr., in 1955, National Review magazine has defined the modern conservative movement.  Founded in 1991, the National Review Institute (NRI) has helped advance the same principles that Buckley championed.

In July, NRI announced that Jonah Goldberg, Bradley Prize recipient Victor Davis Hanson, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Jay Nordlinger, and Kevin D. Williamson have become its newest policy fellows.  They join joining existing NRI policy fellows Andrew C. McCarthy, John O'Sullivan, Reihan Salam, and James Pethokoukis.  All of them are leading public intellectuals and skilled ambassadors for conservative thought.

NRI is now working to build programs around the new fellows' particular areas of interest and expertise, including promoting the intellectual heritage of America and the West, defending freedom in Eastern Europe, advocating the Constitutional separation of powers and resisting its abuse by government, and reviving the Buckley legacy of faith-based cultural transformation.

"We are excited about these new additions to our team and about supporting them as they continue the work Bill Buckley did to advance the ideals of a free society," said NRI president Lindsay Young Craig.  "We are confident that the valuable contributions they make to public debate will have an even greater impact as our programs around them grow."
The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports NRI.

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