ON-Lion Letter

"Gas prices could be heading even higher if a new bill to increase the federal gas tax gains any traction in Washington," according to a June story by Nick Novak from the MacIver News Service, a project of the MacIver Institute in Madison, Wis.  "The proposal, introduced by U.S. Senators Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut) and Bob Corker (R-Tennessee), is meant to raise $164 billion over ten years with a 12 cent a gallon gas tax increase.  Supporters of transportation spending believe the Highway Trust Fund will run out of money later this summer.

"Wisconsinites would see the total gas tax burden in the state rise 23 percent for regular gasoline and 20 percent for diesel," Novak's story continues.  "The total tax burden would go up 12 cents to 63 cents per gallon for regular gasoline and to 69 cents for diesel.

"Nearly 3.2 billion gallons of gas and diesel were consumed in Wisconsin in 2013, according to statistics from the Department of Revenue," he writes.  "That means Wisconsin drivers would be on the hook for an additional $380 million at the pump if a 12 cent increase is passed into law.

"With the Highway Trust Fund set to run out of money in August, a series of proposals have been introduced to make the fund solvent.  Unfortunately for taxpayers, each proposal seeks to raise taxes to fix the problem."

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports the MacIver Institute.

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