ON-Lion Letter
Medicaid, America's government-run health insurance program for the poor, should be a lifeline that provides needed health care to Americans with no other options.  But it doesn't.  Surprisingly, studies reveal a $450 billion-a-year scandal.  People on Medicaid have far worse health outcomes than those with private insurance, and no better outcomes than those with no insurance at all.

Why?  In his new Encounter Broadside, How Medicaid Fails the PoorAvik Roy explains how Medicaid's clumsy design and perverse incentives make it hard for people on Medicaid to get the medical care they need.  Obamacare simply doubles down on this broken system. 

Roy is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, which is substantially supported by The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee.  He is editor and principal author of "The Apothecary," the influential Forbes blog on health-care policy and entitlement reform.

Instead of expanding Medicaid, according to Roy's Broadside, states should consider better options.  There are ways, using private insurance, to provide world-class care to our poorest citizens.

Encounter Books is an activity of Encounter for Culture and Education, a nonprofit group that is also substantially supported by Bradley.
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