ON-Lion Letter
Digital Learning Now! (DLN), a national initiative of Bradley Prize recipient Jeb Bush's Foundation for Excellence in Education, released "Blended Learning Implementation Guide, Version 2.0" in September.  Prepared in association with Getting Smart and The Learning Accelerator, the updated paper is the latest installment of the DLN Smart Series

It offers recommendations for developing and implementing an effective plan to adopt a blended-learning model that focuses on accelerating student learning for college and career readiness.  Version 2.0 reflects feedback from schools and districts, developments in the field, and educational-technology trends since its first release last February.

"There is growing momentum around the country to explore new approaches to blended learning," according to DLN executive director John Bailey.  "This Guide is for those state, school and district leaders who want to build a new, more personalized learning environment in order to achieve high academic student outcomes."

The guide walks school leaders through a four-part process for blended-learning implementation that begins with creating conditions for success and planning before moving into implementation and continuous improvement.  The authors use exhibits, case studies, and additional resources to help schools in charting their own course.

"It has only been six months since we launched the first Guide.  In that time, Rocketship has refined their blended learning model, Carpe Diem has opened in Indianapolis and Cincinnati, iPads are being delivered by the truckload to districts across the country, and schools everywhere are looking for ways to add online options," said Tom Vander Ark, chief executive officer of Getting Smart.

Milwaukee's Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation supports the Foundation for Excellence and supported the creation of a Rocketship Education school in Milwaukee.
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