ON-Lion Letter
The first edition of the Teacher Prep Review:  A Review of the Nation's Teacher Preparation Programs, 2013, released in June by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) in Washington, D.C., is an unprecedented evaluation of more than 1,100 colleges and universities that prepare elementary and secondary teachers.  As a consumer tool, it allows aspiring teachers, parents, and school districts to compare programs and determine which are doing the best -- and worst -- job of training new teachers.  Its Teachers Prep Ratings were published by U.S. News & World Report.

NCTQ's ratings evaluated 1,200 teacher-preparation programs at 608 schools on key standards designated by the research group.  For undergrad and graduate programs training elementary education teachers, those standards include admissions selection criteria, student-teaching programs, and early reading and elementary math curricula, as well as curricula focused on areas such as history and science.

Those training secondary education teachers were also evaluated on admissions selectivity and student teaching, as well as high-school curricula, and middle-school content when applicable.

"Once the world leader in educational attainment, the United States has slipped well into the middle of the pack," according to the Teacher Prep Review

"There's no shortage of factors for America's educational decline:  budget cutbacks, entrenched poverty, crowded classrooms, shorter school years, greater diversity of students than in other countries.  The list seems endless," it continues.  "NCTQ's Teacher Prep Review has uncovered another cause, one that few would suspect:  the colleges and universities producing America's traditionally prepared teachers.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports NCTQ's Teacher Prep Review.
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