ON-Lion Letter
The Moving Picture Institute's (MPI's) film State of Control is a bold, feature-length documentary that follows two American filmmakers as they travel undercover documenting Tibetan activists who are risking their lives to peacefully protest the Chinese government's police state.  Their journey takes them through India and Nepal and into the most remote and conflicted regions of Tibet during a full-scale media shutdown.

A dangerous cat-and-mouse game unfolds as secret police maintain 24-hour surveillance of the filmmakers.  Unable to document their intended subjects, the filmmakers are forced to turn the cameras on themselves as they become the targets.  All their moves are followed, leading to hotel break-ins, equipment theft, hacking, and spying -- and ultimately forcing the filmmakers to flee to the United States.  Working with leading cybersecurity experts, the filmmakers realize they are but one small piece of global cybercrime activity that includes Google, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, a number of Fortune 100 companies, and even The White House.

In their struggle for basic human rights, more than 100 desperate and frustrated Tibetans have turned to self-immolation in the hope of catching the world's attention.  But China's tightening restrictions on information flowing into and out of Tibet make these self-sacrifices little known to the outside world.  Searching for a way to turn the tide, the filmmakers join with activists in a bold media event in middle of Times Square, utilizing technology to help the voice of the Tibetans reach the world stage.

State of Control screens in April at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, North America's largest film festival.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee supports MPI.
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