ON-Lion Letter
Earlier this year, Pennsylvania became the 25th state in America to "standardize" InsideOut Dad -- the nation’s only evidence-based program designed specifically for working with incarcerated fathers -- across its state correctional facilities.  InsideOut Dad is a program of the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) in Germantown, Md.

NFI trained 37 Pennsylvania Department of Corrections staff members on how to deliver the InsideOut Dad program to incarcerated fathers at the state's 24 adult male correctional facilities and one boot-camp facility.

The training equips treatment specialists, corrections counselors, and chaplains to deliver the classroom-based curriculum to fathers seeking to reconnect with their children.  The curriculum covers topics such as family history, what it means to be a man, showing and handling feelings, co-parenting, and much more.

"The training revealed a great deal of excitement among Pennsylvania Department of Corrections staff for this type of program, aimed at helping inmate dads reconnect and strengthen their relationships with their children," according to NFI senior director of program support services Michael Yudt, who conducted the training.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee supports NFI.
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