ON-Lion Letter
"In light of today's enormous domestic and international challenges, the United States today needs, more than ever, an effective grand strategy.  Without one, the nation is in a dangerous state of drift," begins a February article by William C. Martel in The Diplomat.

Martel is an associate professor of international security studies at The Fletcher School at Tufts University.  He recommends graduate and post-graduate students for the Bradley Fellowship Program.

"In the aftermath of the recent U.S. presidential elections and in the midst of grueling battles over spending and deficit crises," Martel continues in "America's Dangerous Drift," "American politics is highly polarized with the electorate and their policymakers deeply divided on domestic issues.

"Turning to foreign policy, the picture is equally troubling," he writes.  "The United States struggles without a coherent grand strategy, while the American people, its friends and allies, and competitors wonder what principles guide Washington's foreign policy.  What, they must ask, does the United States want to achieve in its foreign policy, and what leadership role does it seek to play in this rapidly evolving world order.

"Worse, many fail to grasp that grand strategy involves far more than foreign and national security matters.  Grand strategy is precisely about the broader, if often ignored, context of building and reinforcing the domestic political and economic foundations of American national power."
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