ON-Lion Letter
In February, the activities of the Partners Advancing Values in Education (PAVE) organization were positively profiled in a "Making Milwaukee Great" report on the city's CBS 58 News.

"Community leaders looking for a way to give back have a chance through PAVE, a non-profit working to create good leadership at charter and choice schools in Milwaukee," according to Jennifer Tomazic's report.  "Right now, PAVE is recruiting new Board Corps members to serve on a board for one of the schools."

"When really good things happen, people don't tend to know where to look for what started all that good work and it's the board," PAVE president Dan McKinley told her.  "They put together the plans, they try to reach the vision, they get resources together and they look at results every year and say how do we do better."

"PAVE works with more than 40 independent schools in Milwaukee," Tomazic said, "including the Hmong American Peace Academy.  School founder and president Chris Her-Xiong says 98% of her students qualify for free or reduced lunch.  Her-Xiong says PAVE is helping change their future."

"They are planting the seed and ... giving the children the best education possible so that they can pull themselves out of poverty and contribute to society, mainly in the city of Milwaukee," said Her-Xiong.  "So they can come back to be productive citizens -- not takers of society, but givers of society."

Milwaukee's Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation substantially supports PAVE.
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