ON-Lion Letter
In December, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation making Michigan the 24th right-to-work state in the nation.
The Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Midland, Mich., "has said right-to-work was right for Michigan for more than 20 years," Mackinac president Joseph G. Lehman said.  "This victory that workers celebrate today shows the power an idea can have when it is pursued with principle and persistence."

Extending right-to-work protections to employees in both the private and public sectors means that unions will no longer be able to get a person fired for refusing to financially support them.

"I applaud Gov. Snyder and the brave lawmakers who chose to put workers and job creators above the special interests," said F. Vincent Vernuccio, labor-policy director at Mackinac, which is supported by Milwaukee's Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation.  "Today we have a state that is freer than it was yesterday.

"This is a signal to job creators and entrepreneurs that Michigan is open for business," he continued.  "This will mean more and better jobs for our state. Jobs that will allow Michigan’s children and grandchildren to stay here and prosper.

"Unions can -- and do -- still exist in right-to-work states.  But people also have a right to say 'no thank you' when a union demands money for providing an unwanted service."
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