ON-Lion Letter
A comprehensive new U.S. Department of Education report catalogues information about the many various state programs that provide types of financial assistance for student attendance at private, including religious, elementary and secondary schools.

According to Education Options in the States:  State Programs that Provide Financial Assistance for Attendance at Private Elementary and Secondary Schools, as of August 2007, there were 24 programs in 13 states and the District of Columbia that provide financial assistance in the form of voucher or voucher-like tuition assistance, tax credits, and tax deductions.  A decade ago, there were seven such programs in seven states.

"In recent years, parents have benefited from a significant expansion of educational options for their children," Assistant Deputy U.S. Secretary of Education for Innovation and Improvement Morgan Brown writes in a preface to the report.

"Parents have many more opportunities than just a few years ago to choose from an array of public school options, including charter, virtual, and magnet schools," he continues, and they "also have access to an increasing number of state programs that provide financial support for their children to attend private schools."
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