ON-Lion Letter
In his September Bradley Lecture at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI) in Washington, D.C., Leon Aron, author of Roads to the Temple:  Truth, Memory, Ideas, and Ideals in the Making of the Russian Revolution, 1987–1991, explained the collapse of the Soviet Union as a moral revolution prompted by Russian citizens' quest for dignity in truth, democratic citizenship, and political and economic liberty.

Aron is an AEI resident scholar and director of its Russian studies.

From Yale University Press, his Roads to the Temple argues that the solution to the mystery of the Soviet collapse lies in a rapid and dramatic moral evolution of the populace.  The unprecedented intellectual and moral self-scrutiny of glasnost fueled a great national soul-searching, unleashing in the Russian people a craving for truth, an honorable way of living, and a dignified relationship between citizens and their government.

In his Bradley Lecture, which is viewable online, Aron also discussed how these moral underpinnings can be found in contemporary anti-authoritarian movements, including the Arab Spring and current movements in Russia, China, and Iran.

AEI's Bradley Lecture Series is sponsored by The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee.
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