ON-Lion Letter
In his new sweeping and deeply imagined historical novel The End of SpartaBradley Prize recipient and acclaimed classicist Victor Davis Hanson re-creates the battles of one of the greatest generals of ancient Greece, Epaminondas.  At the Battle of Leuktra, his Thebans crushed the fearsome army of Sparta that had enslaved its neighbors for two centuries.

Hanson is the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, projects of which are substantially supported by Milwaukee's Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation

From Bloomsbury Press, The End of Sparta follows the epic historical events surrounding the Greek battles through the eyes of Mêlon, a farmer who has left his fields to serve with Epaminondas -- swept up, against his better judgment, in the fever to spread democracy even as he yearns to return to his pastoral hillside.

With a scholar's depth of knowledge and a novelist's vivid imagination, Hanson re-creates the ancient world down to its intimate details -- from the weight of a spear in a soldier's hand to the peculiar camaraderie of a slave and master who go into battle side by side.  The End of Sparta is a stirring drama and a rich, absorbing reading experience.
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