ON-Lion Letter
Will the rise of online education, the student loan debt crisis, and the growing doubt about the value of college lead to a "higher education bubble"?  Will we soon see a cultural defection in which many Americans choose alternatives to college?  When more people realize they are paying too much for too little, will it change the way they view the path to success?  Will the traditional higher education industry go the way of the housing market?

The Fall issue of the National Association of Scholars' (NAS's) quarterly Academic Questions asks, "Is there a bubble in higher education?"  Three articles from the issue -- "Cost Versus Enrollment Bubbles," "Scholasticism:  Causes and Cures," and "Academe's House Divided" -- are available free online.

Academic Questions is NAS's scholarly journal about the vices and virtues of the contemporary university.  The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee supports NAS.
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