ON-Lion Letter
In The Story Behind Wacky Warning Labels, host Bob Dorigo Jones "connects the dots" between the wacky warning labels on products and the loss of innovation and jobs that result from companies spending millions on abusive lawsuits.  PBS stations across the country are broadcasting the video.

The Center for America's (CFA's) 2011 Wacky Warning Labels Contest finalists include one that comes in instructions with a ballpoint pen:  "Warning:  Pen caps can obstruct breathing.  Keep out of mouth."  Another comes from an outdoor hot-tub cover:  "Warning:  Avoid Drowning.  Remove safety cover from spa when in use."  Yet another comes from a bicycle brochure with pictures of small children riding their bikes:  "Warning:  The action depicted in this brochure is potentially dangerous.  The riders seen are experienced experts or professionals."

In the video airing on PBS, produced by CFA, Beth Thieme, chief executive officer of Amigo International, a company that makes motorized vehicles for disabled and elderly people, passionately describes how the money Amigo has to spend on litigation would otherwise be spent on creating jobs.  And Ted Frank of the Center for Class Action Fairness explains how abusive class actions filed by plaintiff lawyers looking for quick money, can cause investors to invest in companies outside the U.S. where the costs of litigation and prospects for bankruptcy are less.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports CFA.
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